About Fiyin

Fiyin Kolawole is a Writer, Training Facilitator, and Development Strategist. Acclaimed for his work on Education in Latin America and Africa; Fiyin is Africa’s leading Youth-driven Change Strategist.

Having recieved training from the United Nations Public Admininstration Network, the World Bank Group, the Colombian Government, UNICA, the Daystar Leadership Academy and the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education, Fiyin seesks to change the African narrative by changing the way the African Youth is Educated.

He is currently developing a project that will deliever 23rd century education to Africans today through a combination of the art of global citizenship and a facilitated system rooted in the 4 pillars of education.

*Management Consultant, KPC
*Facilitator, PeerlessPlace
*Director, Blazing Diamonds
*Fellow, Colombia Bilingue Program
*Fellow, TTT Ecuador.

*Strategic Intelligence, UNIPAN
*Policy Lessons from S/Korea Dev. WorldBank OLC,
*Transformational Leadership, Daystar
*B.Tech Federal University of Technology, Akure