Di sana

Over There, as performed in Indonesian by Silas Emovwodo in Pekalongan, Indonesia. Kapan pun saya membutuhkan udara yang segar Aku berjalan lambat seolah-olah entah ke mana, untuk membuat diriku mabuk dari udara segar yang manis dan manis; untuk menjadi unit dengan segala sesuatu yang gemerlap, untuk melihat-lihat di luar sana. Aku menggantung lenganku seolah tidak ada … Continue reading Di sana


Resilience, Quality & Knowledge in Diversity:

Fiyin Kolawole

Quality Education for Fragile Ecuador

I bet this is your dream life- wake up in the morning, open your eyes to the rising of the sun, have breakfast with the soothing breeze on the beaches of the Pacific; take a flight or a bus and mount the lofty mountains of the Andes just in time to have lunch and then lay your head on a bed somewhere in the Amazons. It is unclear whether anyone has actually tried this feat, but it is something that everyone in Ecuador boasts of, including the President. In Peter Greenberg’s Royal Tour, Rafael takes everyone on a guide across his country.

Nourished by rivers from the mountain peaks in the Sierra, flowing eastward to the Amazon river or westward to the pacific, the country is one of the 17 mega-diverse countries of the world.

The country doesn’t just sit on the Equator, it…

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