The wide-spread smiles that paint their faces, the very essence of their embraces; just try to step back, their thoughts uncover— their love is empty as snaffled bubbles. The sparkling cloud around your roundness, the coloured cover that wraps your small frame; when I get closer, I soon discover— they burst in thin air as … Continue reading Bubbles


Everyone Knows Tomorrow

There was once a time when tomorrow was a mystery a point in time so sublime it always gets me jittery. Not anymore, not anymore; cause everyone knows tomorrow. Used to wake up to a ritual then take some time out of time to plan to plan the days victuals but those days I end … Continue reading Everyone Knows Tomorrow

Non-Expat Expats

What Migration is Doing to Africans in the Diaspora Imagine that you (A) and friend B do the same job- attending to handicapped animals, cleaning their body, feeding them, giving therapy and helping them navigate the world. Friend C wanting to introduce you to his parents says "meet B, she is an Animal Therapeutic Assistant" and … Continue reading Non-Expat Expats

The Game of Generals

Analysing President Obasanjo's statement on incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari  and the political landscape against 2019. Picture stacking up 6 crates of egg on your kitchen cabinet. There are 30 pieces of eggs in one crate. If 1 egg were a million people, the population of Nigeria would be a little bit more than the 6 crates … Continue reading The Game of Generals

Update: The 300, Their 1 % And The Other 1%

After meeting with a governor, contacting the media, tweeting at the president and writing long descriptive articles; efforts on social media and in the Ecuadorian justice system to alleviate the pligths of 300 English Teaching Fellows of the Ministry of Education's Time to Teach Program as managed by Edificar; finally seems to be yielding some results.