Off The Swing.

She came as mild as always she does with smiles as wide as her arms can spread As...


From East to the Sea:

Ecuador There’s a land beyond your towns- beyond the lofty Andes ranges, across rivers and countless mounts; the lushly veggies spread as in embraces. “Welcome to the Amazons”, I hear them whisper. There’s a people there so kind- they beam of joy of lack of worries, lack is nothing when earth provides; they’re full of … Continue reading From East to the Sea:

We Are Not All Stupid

We are not all stupid, at least not all the time. Sometimes we search 🔎 for clues and they’re not there; We are not all clueless, though we often want our skies cloudless 🌥; Sometimes what we need is a compass, pointing us another direction where the rain ☔ is at least gentle. We are not all cowards 🐮, if we … Continue reading We Are Not All Stupid