The Game of Generals

Analysing President Obasanjo's statement on incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari  and the political landscape against 2019. Picture stacking up 6 crates of egg on your kitchen cabinet. There are 30 pieces of eggs in one crate. If 1 egg were a million people, the population of Nigeria would be a little bit more than the 6 crates … Continue reading The Game of Generals


Indicators Myopia

According to a World Bank Report, Nigeria is 169th of the 190 places where formally doing business is easy. This write-up examines the government's response to this and why the report may be myopic altogether. "The real cause of poverty is the unchecked power of the state against poor people without rights" -William Easterly in … Continue reading Indicators Myopia

Acting President or Actions President

Almost exactly 1 year after winning the ruling party for the first time in nearly 25 years, the new Nigerian President- Muhammadu Buhari wrote parliament to take leave to consult his personal physicians overseas. The new president had earlier declared no medical tourism for all government officials but followed recommendations from statehouse doctors to visit … Continue reading Acting President or Actions President