I’ll Begin to Fly

When the stormy wind strikes my scrawny home, when the trees can’t bear it’s devouring rage and the clouded skies prepare to rain, I’ll retreat one sec in two-step recline; Then I’ll spread my wings and begin to fly. If the mockingbirds up above me mob, if they dare attempt to splatter my blood and … Continue reading I’ll Begin to Fly


Everyone Knows Tomorrow

There was once a time when tomorrow was a mystery a point in time so sublime it always gets me jittery. Not anymore, not anymore; cause everyone knows tomorrow. Used to wake up to a ritual then take some time out of time to plan to plan the days victuals but those days I end … Continue reading Everyone Knows Tomorrow

Troops He Sought

We are subtle and stealth, breathe life and its death. Gracefully we fight with words and truth then our swords and our fists. Our mission is clear than a crystalline bowl- To protect the flock and confront the foes. With words and truth then swords and fists we will, truth defend and uphold the just; for … Continue reading Troops He Sought