Parcero o Presidente

Colombia se alista para las elecciones Era un día normal en Bogotá, el cielo despejado como si no fuese a llover en 10 años, pero no se engañen porque las nubes aquí se reúnen en segundos como hormigas legionarias sobre una araña o azúcar; solo que ellas en lugar de devorar la brillante dulzura, te … Continue reading Parcero o Presidente


‘Parcero’ or ‘Presidente’:

Colombia braces for elections It was a usual day in Bogotá- the sky cloudless as if it will not rain in 10 years. Don't be fooled though, clouds here gather within seconds like soldier ants gathering on spilled sugar; only they, rather than feast on the glittering sweetness, will soak you in what will feel … Continue reading ‘Parcero’ or ‘Presidente’:

Is Moreno Blond?

An Early Look at How Lenin Moreno’s 6month-old presidency has(not) Changed Ecuador It was just the day after he was declared winner of the controversial 2017 General Elections, reporters gathered to asked him a couple of questions. One reporter stood up-  “Mr. Moreno, Engineer Glass, I wanted to ask what you would do in your eventual … Continue reading Is Moreno Blond?


Why Secondary Education in Ecuador isn’t Working The immediate past Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa has been criticized as a man that seeks attention and public praise. This perhaps is why many of his policies are overly advertised, well planned but poorly managed. Education in Ecuador is not an exemption. The government set out to have … Continue reading Escuelita: