Non-Expat Expats

What Migration is Doing to Africans in the Diaspora Imagine that you (A) and friend B do the same job- attending to handicapped animals, cleaning their body, feeding them, giving therapy and helping them navigate the world. Friend C wanting to introduce you to his parents says "meet B, she is an Animal Therapeutic Assistant" and … Continue reading Non-Expat Expats


Parcero o Presidente

Colombia se alista para las elecciones Era un día normal en Bogotá, el cielo despejado como si no fuese a llover en 10 años, pero no se engañen porque las nubes aquí se reúnen en segundos como hormigas legionarias sobre una araña o azúcar; solo que ellas en lugar de devorar la brillante dulzura, te … Continue reading Parcero o Presidente

‘Parcero’ or ‘Presidente’:

Colombia braces for elections It was a usual day in Bogotá- the sky cloudless as if it will not rain in 10 years. Don't be fooled though, clouds here gather within seconds like soldier ants gathering on spilled sugar; only they, rather than feast on the glittering sweetness, will soak you in what will feel … Continue reading ‘Parcero’ or ‘Presidente’:

Is Moreno Blond?

An Early Look at How Lenin Moreno’s 6month-old presidency has(not) Changed Ecuador It was just the day after he was declared winner of the controversial 2017 General Elections, reporters gathered to asked him a couple of questions. One reporter stood up-  “Mr. Moreno, Engineer Glass, I wanted to ask what you would do in your eventual … Continue reading Is Moreno Blond?