Resilience, Quality & Knowledge in Diversity:

Quality Education for Fragile Ecuador I bet this is your dream life- wake up in the morning, open your eyes to the rising of the sun, have breakfast with the soothing breeze on the beaches of the Pacific; take a flight or a bus and mount the lofty mountains of the Andes just in time … Continue reading Resilience, Quality & Knowledge in Diversity:


Update: The 300, Their 1 % And The Other 1%

After meeting with a governor, contacting the media, tweeting at the president and writing long descriptive articles; efforts on social media and in the Ecuadorian justice system to alleviate the pligths of 300 English Teaching Fellows of the Ministry of Education's Time to Teach Program as managed by Edificar; finally seems to be yielding some results.

Edificar: ¿Edificando o Demoliendo?

Desde los millennials de veintitantos que buscan la próxima aventura o una experiencia intercultural al profesional de nivel medio en año sabático, al menos unos 300 voluntarios decidieron pasar un periodo de sus vidas como voluntarios enseñando inglés, experimentando la cultura latinoamericana y viviendo, literalmente, en la mitad del mundo; hasta que algo realmente malo sucedió.