“I want one like my father”, “I want one as never”
They all have tastes different from the other.
Maybe modern, maybe special-
two things are sure- it must be regal;
and the second- made by a crown maker.

aale rọba kama raami ọba lara wọn.

The honour of a king is enhanced by his crown
whether it’s golden or white or brown,
when we see the crown, then the king is in town,
but both the crown and the king’s best gown-
I made them all, I’m the crown maker!

kade o plori, kirukẹrẹ o d’ọkini!

It takes months to make beaded crowns-
then they’re taken to the priest, most high
he pleas ancestors, power to supply
for the crown to be potent to bless and make die
theirs is the potence, mine is the beauty.
I am the craftsman, I am the crown maker!

ajanaku kọja mo ri nkan firii

Fiyin Kolawole,
GYE. July, 2017.

NB: Image and Video are properties of BattaBox
Words in italics are from the Yoruba language


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