I’ve been on the road lately, hence no posts for FiyinDaily. I decided to make it up with no apologies but more writing. Cheers to the MEGAPoem.
Mothers of Today and of Tomorrow


Mothers of today, and of tomorrow
whom made us see this planet glow
and watched us closely as we all grow.

This is today for you to know
That even as along the way we go,
we remain with grace aglow

for your resilience in face of no,
for your protection as the winds blow
and your sweet warmth when there was snow.



It is Sweet, then It’s Not.


It is sweet, and then it’s not.
It is sour when it is hot-
It is warm not as we thought.

It is though as made with salt,
It is bitter when it is bought,
It is hot not as it ought

It is green, then it is not
like the peeled bark of coconut,
It is brownish polka dots.

It is the feeling deep in my tongue
around a glass of lemonade.




Hear- the music,
as it plays, as it rings.
Feel the movement
of the winds and the strings.

Smile- at someone,
as he heeds, as he sings.
Touch the details,
the contours and the fringe.

Stand- to awesome,
be prepared to be synced.
firm but be fluid,
like the waves of the sea.

Bend- like handgun,
as it sits in the hand.
be as in unison,
with the dynamic of the song.

Move- at some point,
triggered by symphony.
Love the magic,
of instruments and the voice.

Dance. To music.




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