As the cold wind blows on the mountains’ crown
as the leaves and trees from their bow arise,
and the birds gear up to be nature’s clown-
I will spread my wings as I onward fly.

As the sun begins its daily round
before alarms buzz “it’s wake-up time”,
as the lazy rolls on his bed around-
I will lift my head, I will spread my arms.

As I look from off of the highest heights,
and behold the great as though, little dots,
as I sail the world above terrestrial,
I will not relent, I will keep my thrust.

As in life I get the littlest of winds,
it’s a chance to grow, it’s a chance to fly,
when I see the light through the door hinges,
I will find the keys or I break the door.

When I get a chance to sail the least of winds,
I will spread my wings, I will onward fly!


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