There’s a question I wish I was asked more often-
It’s the beginning of interactions, those meaningful.
It’s neither ‘are you drunk’, ‘armed’, nor ‘are you single’;
It’s “what’s your name”. Yeah, that simple.

My name is gratitude.

There’s something about a name. It’s the image of our being;
summary of where we’ve been and description of what we’ve seen
It’s the essence of our seal, an epitome of vanity;
the reason for which we strive a dent to leave on eternity.

My name is good attitude.

There’s a story for every name, at least from where I come:
Bisola was born in wealth and Ife is just God’s love,
Taiwo is first of twins and Olakunle is wealth-filled home.
when someday you ask their name, well I bet it’s not just Brome.

My name is pay tribute.

Decades ago a boy was born, he had siblings girls they were two:
and when his dad held the baby, it is a boy, he was so glad too,
his name is Fiyinfoluwa cause our God we do praise
for giving heir apparent brand-new.

My name is Praise.

NB: Fiyinfoluwa in Yoruba means thus:

Fiyin: Give Praise
Foluwa: To (or for) God


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