Once upon a time in a place you’ve never been,
a boy you’ve never met had a life you can never live.
He went to farm everyday making food you’ll never eat,
this happened everyday until one evening unluckily.

War broke on the land- he didn’t know what it means,
your father and his army came like a mighty rushing wind.
They came with one intent to take all they’ll ever need,
including the farm produce we thought they’ll never eat.

They redefined authorities and made it now based on gifts,
rupturing everything- the fabrics of society,
work became favoritism love became nepotism,
that’s how you kill a people with whom you’ve never been.

Decades later you label his folks corruption chiefs
Let him cast the stone, the one without a sin.

Now at this very time today in a land you’ve never been
the boy you’ve never met has got a life you’d never think.
He went back to his father’s farm to rebuild what’s left of it
and made the society what you thought you’ll never see.




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