The Guy at the Mall

I walked one sunny day down to the mall I met a great guy, appearing sunburnt he look so huge and hell, he was tall. appearing tired standing against the stall; and finally he mumbled hello and all. I said "my man, how you doing?" and "hey what's up" Nothing interesting man, the prices are up; So … Continue reading The Guy at the Mall



It is sweet, and then it’s not. It is sour when it is hot- It is warm not as we thought. It is though as made with salt, It is bitter when it is bought, It is hot not as it ought It is green, then it is not like the peeled bark of coconut, … Continue reading Lemonade


Latin America's Nuclei-Extended Families. In the 1980s, childbirth in the about 20 countries known as Latin America was in its large quantities. Families were closely knit as they still are today and the nuclear family is not very far from it's extended roots. Most of South America therefore had more than 20% of their population … Continue reading Abuelita