Her cheeks are wet with sticky sweat-
She works as hard as no one would
She works across the street from hood
As if to say “I’ll go home soon”

Her streets are filled with ant-like men
They move as though they know where to.
They look over their shoulders high
As if to say “I’m going home now”

But now she’s home, yeah home at last
Her pigeon comes a message with.
‘you have to do this now’, it reads
Right then she knows “I’m home, not yet”

Her children cry for lack of food
Her soul sinks in- ‘I’m such a fool’.
I will fix that right here, but soon
As if to say “I’ll be home soon”

Out goes her child and husband too
They were the first to see the truth,
As much as we’d love to have it be;

This is Home but Home is not!

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