They gathered themselves of one to think
“He’s very lousy, get rid of him!”
“We should arraign him, not today
Don’t blow the people’s Milky Way”.

There at the table where he eats
a pretty lady by his feet
adorns his ambiance with things so sweet,
“This should be given to men on streets”

“He never listens, what a freak
I’d rather sell him, thirty pieces.
Someone will want him- yes, the priests;
We’ll seal the contract with a kiss”.

His people left him alone to be,
right hand bewrayed him- what treason!
Monarchy bows out- “my hand is clean!”
and people shouted “kill him”, still.

They hung him up there for all to see,
“Oh save yourself now, clueless King!”
“Except a grain falls and die beneath
it never brings forth what we eat”

“Let’s take a walk there where he sleeps,
aye he’s not there; gives the creeps”
Amen! He’s risen, Jesus lives!
The corn of wheat has man redeemed.

There’s no other way but Christ the living
by which we’ll access eternity.
And if we love him as he has spoken
We’ll be awoken by him the broken!


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