When all is green, then I am blue.
I’ve never seen so much ado
about my being and what I do
as though I screened the wind that blew.

They flock on me as if to kill-
“of what offense am I here sued?”
“of being not being as here you should
and doing not doing as all we do”.

so then I asked- “and thus says who?
of what appraise is all ‘can do’ s
and who on earth defines what flew?
from whence came rules that you here spew?”

“From thinking, of course as all men do
we bring together pensées, beaucoup
and there define how men should queue
so there will be things as purview”

Well then I think that’s not so cool
cause all we know of man’s beef stew
and all the advances that now we use
are mere results of Oddity.


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