(Spanish, pronounced as yo may kito)

She is not your typical girl- though tall, she’s not straight as a palm, not having a model figure and definitely not having the figure eight every mundane man seems to crave for. Instead, she’s the most curvy thing you’ll ever see- spreading herself through the great lumps of the Andes, Quito sits in the Guayllabamba river basin, on the eastern slopes of the fire-spitting Pichincha.

Sitting at 2,850 metres above sea leve, Quito is the highest official capital city in the world. The city centre is also one of the first places to be named a World Cultural Heritage Sites Site by the UNESCO.

On a bright morning in December, I took a tour around the historic centre so you don’t have to. The typical tour starts around the central park

Some of the most important sites in this centre are:

  1. La Compañía de Jesus Church in Quito: Built for 160 years and inlaid with about seven tons of gold leaf, this chiurch remains Latin America’s finest. It was built during the height of the Jesuit Power in Latin America. This building also housed a school and served as the headquaters of the Jesuit order until their expulsion from Ecuador by King Charles III probably following the growing power of the Jesuit order and his feud with the Roman-Catholic church.

To Be Continued.

  1. 1024px-iglesia_de_la_compac3b1c3ada2c_quito2c_ecuador2c_2015-07-222c_dd_119-121_hdr
    Celiling of the Iglesia Compañía de Jesús By Diego Delso, CC

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