Tuesday, April 11, 2017.

Obstacles, Obstructions, Stops and Fluffs,
They are in life at each bus stop.
Their goal is naught not slow us down,
but make the fool think it’s the end.

Just when you’re halted by life’s dauntings,
Remember the guy in the hurdle race-
He runs a while and there it is:
an obstacle on his smooth cause.
What does  he do to this dead thorn?

With all the strenght he can summon in him,
He makes a push above the hurdle
and as he on the other side lands,
He lands with more velocity and aptitude
To jump the next one and ten thousands more.

When in life you come across one of such,
This simple thing you must recall-
there are no obstacles but hurdles
there’s always a way around an hurdle-
around, over, beside, under or just right through

The best I say is to go over-
Don’t bring yourself under your challenge.
On the other side of this one land
And with more velocity and aptitude,
Get ready for a thousand more



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