For Ana Maria. the girl in the video and everyone facing temporary dicouragement.

Monday, April 10, 2017.

She fumbled, even at walking-
humbled by each of her own steps,
her arms and eyes never went down
though oft her knees did bend
for lack of strenght or much of it.

I saw her fall a thousand times-
two thousand times, she rose again!

In our journey through the world,
we must all fall but not at once.
If we never fell in this our life,
To rise- a lesson we’ll never learn.

So when you fail in life atimes,
remember the girl rollerskating
She’s just about five years on earth,
Yet she wakes to try this sport.

I was lucky the other day-
I saw her fall a thousand times,
two thousand times she rose again!

When you fall, don’t beat yourself
Cause if you learn from yesterday’s fault,
ten thousand times- you’ll rise again!



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