Scary Night ImageTwas the night before he died,
His grandchildren were all around
playing scrabble and all they could.
The neighbors just got a child
After all the streams that she could bleed.

The company had made a fortune
from changing the world as now we know it
cause what man eats, they made a couple.
The glutton never stops to feed,
who else but him comes to rescue!

“Remember Jay, he’s married now”
so goes the start of another gossip.
It never stops, don’t ask him how
cause all he wants is sip his coffee
until in the night, like the bat, he bows.

“He had issues with his wife I heard,
She wouldn’t let them devour their flesh
and so he found a sub instead”
“Well that is as bad it gets”
We should beware of devil’s bread.

The gossip he heard, faint as a dry
gibberish humming that kills the buds. But he-
He zoned out there into the night-
he danced to the music of they that crawl
out bold enough to snub daylight.

Aye the trees and the shrubs conversing
They sang a song- a symphony
“I need the nitrates that you produce”
“You take everything, ugly astute”
Everything is music until you listen!

There may be something that soothes
maybe the dance of stars and wind
the breeze makes grumpy old skin
imagine it’s smooth. The stars mock man as they
dance their lights of white and blue

He looks within and deeply sighs-
“Achieved all I set to do- be pals with God and get man’s best,
a wife and family to retire to.
He should be glad he didn’t stoop
To be the rich and proud old fool

“This very night your soul is required of you”

Will it then be a night to sleep
or just another long insomnia
or simply the night
before he died.

9th March, 2017. ©Fiyin Kolawole.


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