Part of a literary walk through Botero Park
Read Part 1 here
Adam & Eve cast in Bronze (Fernando Botero) Photo: (c)Fiyin Kolawole, Dec. 2016

Of course, bro Botero
we’ll start with Adam and Eve
we are all from them I see,
and they were not at all ashamed
As the air to their nudity cleave.


Well we all admire their being-
The ones that brought us eerie
as we roam on earth of ill.
Or were they saviours? might be-
The ones that made us all see?

Of your Adam, I can say-
His stomach is his weakness
he is ruled by what he eats,
and he eats that which he sees.
QED- manhood diminished.


And of Eve, we all do know
that words make her sway
and her soul is as a snake,
nay as a ship- ready to be sailed.
In her hips lies humanity.


I won’t desist my brother,
Of talking about your works-
Of pensamiento,
of venus durmiente,
of turso masculino.

Until all the world can see
that of course accidents can be
the very font of little ideas
that make a don as thee!

Words in Italics are from Yoruba and Bold Italics from Spanish.


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