We Are Not All Stupid

We are not all stupid, at least not all the time. Sometimes we search 🔎 for clues and they’re not there; We are not all clueless, though we often want our skies cloudless 🌥; Sometimes what we need is a compass, pointing us another direction where the rain ☔ is at least gentle. We are not all cowards 🐮, if we … Continue reading We Are Not All Stupid


From East to the Sea:

Ecuador There’s a land beyond your towns- beyond the lofty Andes ranges, across rivers and countless mounts; the lushly veggies spread as in embraces. “Welcome to the Amazons”, I hear them whisper. There’s a people there so kind- they beam of joy of lack of worries, lack is nothing when earth provides; they’re full of … Continue reading From East to the Sea:

Is Moreno Blond?

An Early Look at How Lenin Moreno’s 6month-old presidency has(not) Changed Ecuador It was just the day after he was declared winner of the controversial 2017 General Elections, reporters gathered to asked him a couple of questions. One reporter stood up-  “Mr. Moreno, Engineer Glass, I wanted to ask what you would do in your eventual … Continue reading Is Moreno Blond?


Why Secondary Education in Ecuador isn’t Working The immediate past Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa has been criticized as a man that seeks attention and public praise. This perhaps is why many of his policies are overly advertised, well planned but poorly managed. Education in Ecuador is not an exemption. The government set out to have … Continue reading Escuelita: